Tai Chi bij dementie

Tai Chi als therapie of activiteit bij PG bewoners? The Tiger’s Mouth, het officiële weblog van de International Taoist Tai Chi Society beschrijft in dit artikel hoe Tai Chi een bijdrage kan leveren aan het welbevinden van mensen met dementie.

Dit vind ik een heel mooi stukje:

Are these modest benefits worth the intervention? I believe they are and for the same reasons we care for anyone who has a progressive illness or is dying. For some with large cognitive deficits, the class may be primarily a way for us to enter into their lives, a structure that gives initial shape to a connection with people who have become invisible to society and often even to friends and family. The foundation exercises may be about all that they can manage but they are moving and temporarily engaged, and someone from the outside world is showing an interest in what their long lives have meant.

Met dank aan Huub voor de tip!